Why is branding important to your brand?

Why is branding important to your brand?

It’s no surprise that everyone wants their brand to be visible. It is branding that will help your customers remember your brand much faster. A strong brand helps to keep a place in the mind of your potential customers.

Many people live under the misconception that branding is just about placing a logo or business name in as many places as possible. However, it is not that simple. It is about long-term brand building when you specify the basic principles, goals, values and mission of the company. You need to know what is important to you and what you want to communicate.

By using branding, you will create a unique identity that customers will easily remember and love. It will help you form a brand that can attract customers’ attention and turn them into loyal buyers.

Many people see a brand as part of a product that shows its quality and value. Imagine that you offer the customer two completely identical products, but only one of them will be “branded”. They will almost always choose this one because they will believe that it is of better quality.

We can see this in a specific example, such as the company Apple, which emphasizes the uniqueness of its products through constant innovation. In the technology industry, it has reached the top through consistency, uniform design and communication with customers. This is an exemplary example of successful branding, where the “bitten apple” is associated with quality and reliability by everyone.

In the final decision of the customer, trust plays the central role. Generally, people prefer to buy from a trustworthy brand that has a reputation and whose name is known.

Branding vs marketing

Confusing the concepts of marketing with branding is a problem for many people. Some do not see a difference between them, but each has a different role. In marketing, you are trying to influence potential customers to buy your product or service. On the other hand, branding represents a strategy that makes customers prefer your product over a competitor’s. Branding could also be called the added value of a brand for which people are willing to pay a premium.

Put, marketing is advertising that gets your outputs to the audience. However, branding turns your product into something people will seek.

Each brand = individual branding

Branding itself does not consist of just one element but a whole system. No one tactic miraculously works for everyone. Instead, each brand needs a combination of other details that will be functional and effective.

The most striking components of branding that you should focus on are:

  • Logo – An element that most people think of first when talking about branding. Of course, it is an essential part of the brand. Subsequently, other details are developed from it. The design of the logo should be based on the foundation of the brand, i.e. it should reflect its characteristics, values, benefits, overall personality and story.
  • Typography – It seems small, but choosing the right font is crucial. With it, the brand looks consistent and polished. It will help you create order and, at the same time, allow you to express your brand’s personality.
  • Colours – Scientifically, it is proven that the brain first recognizes colour, then shapes and finally content. Therefore, the choice of colours is a potent tool for arousing interest and emotions. A great tip when deciding on an attractive colour combination for the value of your brand is to use knowledge of the psychology of individual colours.
  • Target audience – In every marketing strategy, it is essential to know your customer and define his personality. You can adapt the entire strategy if you know how he thinks or acts.
  • The tone of voice – Within the brand, it is essential to maintain a consistent manner of communicating with your customers, including the choice of words, style and emotional tone. Will you use formal or informal language? How do you want to come across – serious or fun, rational or emotional? Answers to these and similar questions will help you define the tone of voice and thus stand out from the competition, maintain consistency and identify yourself to the public.
  • Slogan – Do you hear the phrase “Just do it” and immediately associate it with a specific brand? A memorable slogan (claim) is an advantage that sets you apart from the competition and makes it easier for customers to remember you. It’s usually short but meaningful.
Are you still wondering why branding is so important? Its complexity requires time, but without solid foundations, it won’t work. Only with it can you stand out from the competition and highlight what makes your brand unique and why customers should choose you.
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There are many ways to build a successful brand, but the most prominent ones are united by one common characteristic – CONSISTENCY. Whether an essential element for you is the tone of voice or any other, always strive to be consistent and build a brand on a single foundation that will not confuse customers.

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